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Batoru - "Arabesque"

published at Nabel, Aachen (Nabel 4696)


Michael Schiefel - voc
Peter Ralchev - acc
Franz Bauer - mar, vibes
Stoyan Yankoulov - perc, tupan
Dirk Strakhof - bass, leader


Thomas Götzelt (Jazzdimensions):
Improvisation, playing with borders: Like previously with “Tree of Sounds” (2000) and “Elegy for Africa” (2002), Dirk Strakhof and his colleagues explore the exciting contrast between Afro-American and Bulgarian sounds, between jazz beats and syncopation, calm and impatient rhythms.

The absence of long solos actually works to increase the tension and excitement particular to these music styles: A very delicate texture that always gives way to new ones and that is elaborated at new points.

Supported by Strakhof’s bass, Franz Bauer’s marimba and vibraphone, and surrounded by irregular, complicated meters from Petar Ralchev’s accordion and – the well-known drum substitute – Stoyan Yankoulov’s Bulgarian freehand drum. At the same time, it works like a mysterious commentary on the stories of places and memories that the quintet seems to tell (“My Temple,” “Holland” and “Heat”).


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