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Batoru - "Tree of Sound"

published at Nabel, Aachen (Nabel 4685)


Michael Schiefel - voc
Peter Ralchev - acc
Franz Bauer - mar, vibes
Stoyan Yankoulov - perc, tupan
Dirk Strakhof - bass, leader


Michael Stürm (Jazzthing):
"Dirk Strakhof offers an unusual approach to the jazz idiom. [...] Collective improvisation in what appear to be Asian scales, minimal marimba phrases and alienating electronic voice experiments, generate a very unique atmosphere of multicultural sound aesthetics and lift this production from the mass of world music productions."

"Minimal interventions with broadly applied textures of sound, which are sometimes interpreted in a gentle, moving way, sometimes in a primordial and dense way, but always with a wonderful lightness."

Carina Prange (Jazzdimensions)
"Tree of Sounds, those are world music pieces situated somewhere between Bulgaria, Germany and the imagination. There’s no shying away from electronic effects which work to enrich the sounds. – A successful CD and a band from which a lot can still be expected."


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