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Jörg Schippa - "Rattle the Cage"

published July 2005 at Phonector

"Melodious chamber-groove jazz with an unusual lineup: marimba, cello, clarinet, flute, electric guitar and percussion – a fresh listening experience, enriched with contemporary electronic sounds."


Andreas Spannagel - flute
Friedemann Graef - clarinet, bass clarinet
Franz Bauer - marimba
Ulrich Maiss - cello, electronics
Uli Moritz - percussion
Jörg Schippa - comp., guitar, electronics

"Rattle the Cage" is a coherent composition that holds an exciting trip through a new world of sound in store for the listener. Charming, exotic melodies are met with grooves that vary from intense to relaxing. Jörg Schippa had the whole album prepared by some of Berlin’s best jazz musicians: Friedemann Graef, Uli Moritz, Ulrich Maiss, Franz Bauer, Andreas Spannagel.


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